Please email us and let us know how Eme-Bag has helped your life.

"A few years ago, I ordered about 100 Eme-Bags. These bags are very useful as I put them in my car, my home, and have even used them on school field trips where car sickness on a bus is pretty widespread. These bags have been an absolute lifesaver in my home. In the headboards of my three children are 2 of these bags constantly because you never know when the stomach flu may hit! I can't tell you how much work they have saved me in laundry and carpet scrubbing! In one case, one of my children got the flu in my new van. I was so grateful you accommodated me! The bag was in the back pocket of my front seat, which provided easy access for such an emergency (the bags have also saved my new couches!).
I love your product! You have no idea what life savers you really are! Thank you!
- C.W. California"

I have a child with reflux and the Eme-Bag has been great! I keep these in my car and always have on hand at home and in my purse for when my toddler becomes ill.
- C.A. Ohio

I first came in contact with Eme-Bag when my husband was a patient at a hospital. He is currently undergoing chemo & radiation for pancreatic cancer and is very ill. The Eme-Bag has been so convenient and sanitary. Thank you.
- J.L. Georgia

I have a child who gets motion sick on planes and in cars and our pediatrician gave us some of your bags to use and they were wonderful. Thank you!
- J.C. Illinois

My husband came across Eme-Bag when he was a patient in the hospital. They work so well, we now have them for home use. I will be a great spokesperson for this product!
- K.M. Texas

I was originally introduced to Eme-Bag through my area hospital ER. I have chronic nausea and Eme-Bag is so efficient and compact whenever I'm in my time of need. Thank you!
- I.W. Washington

I am currently going through chemotherapy. These bags are so convenient for my "reactions" to the treatments.
- T.B.Mississippi